4 Key Benefits of Developing a Marketing Plan

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Let me ask you – do you think of marketing as a magical thing that happens behind the scenes in someone else’s wheelhouse? Does the idea of content management, social media, blogging, and email newsletters give you an instant migraine? Does your company have a marketing plan to guide all the promotional channels?

Most companies have a business plan that addresses their value proposition, operations, financials, and staffing, but often excludes a detailed marketing plan. Whether your company sells services or products, you need to create a marketing plan. It’s an essential tool to help your business grow effectively.

Here are a few benefits to developing a marketing plan:

1. Discovery and Idea Development: This is one of the first phases of planning where company executives, marketing, and sales people meet to discuss goals, objectives, and benchmarks for the next 12 months. They also review the company’s market position, strengths, and weaknesses, and conduct focused research to provide insights and confirm assumptions. This sets the foundation for further idea development and strategic planning. Direction and insight from these meetings and research guide your creative messaging for future campaigns.

2. Roadmap: The plan not only offers a big picture for your marketing efforts throughout the year, but also a step-by-step guide. This supports clear decision making and gives you and your team a document to refer to for re-focusing when  in the weeds.

3. Budgets, Timelines, and Tasks: A proper plan outlines budgets for each item – monthly and annually – as well as estimated timelines for projects and tasks. This lets you allocate funds properly and move budgets from month to month should you need to adjust. A plan also lets you line up tasks and identify future tasks, taking you from idea to execution with ease.

4. Measurement and Adjustments: Developing a solid plan holds your team accountable for brand promotion and for measuring the results of each aspect of the campaign. It allows for tracking adjustments throughout the execution of the plan, which you can review to determine next steps. Your marketing plan is a living document that changes as you assess the results of each piece.

These are just a few key benefits to developing a proper marketing plan.

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