6 Keys to Resource Development in 2020

Q4 impact group blog post photo of sign that says Reduce Speed 0 kmph to illustrate clear messaging for resource development.

Our society needs natural resources; crushed stone, industrial sand, minerals, and metals. While new markets and opportunities are in demand everywhere, there are also new challenges and more responsibilities to the communities where that mining takes place.

Q4 navigates this changing landscape while learning constantly.  In 2020, the Q4 team will lead efforts to explore, develop, and manage projects in our own backyard and around the globe, and no matter where these projects are located, we’ve found the same holistic principles apply.

We align with companies and investors who also take this approach and apply these principles and over the years we have found that without these key principles, projects lose direction, purpose, and profitability.

Our mission is to do good by doing the right thing for the community and to do it well by ensuring the sustainability of all business objectives. We take this mission seriously as we connect natural resources with investors and communities with opportunities.


How We Roll


We establish the breadth and depth of the opportunity. Not just literally, but figuratively. A resource evaluation requires an extensive strategy to test every assumption and we are not only looking at the value of the resource, but we are also challenging all of the assumptions made regarding logistics, environmental compliance, and social licensing. Holistic evaluation is key. Our motivation is two-fold: we have a responsibility to prove the resource by exploring every potential financial hurdle and gain; also, we have a responsibility to create a long-term vision for the project based on our collective expertise and experience.


The team involved starts with a core group of experts and builds to incorporate others whose experience and credentials help develop the project’s credibility, identify challenges, and explore potential opportunities. Engineering, equipment suppliers, workforce development and training experts, community liaisons, and restoration specialists all come together to accomplish specific goals and benchmarks. Our team includes Qualified Persons and NI 43-101 authors.


We work to gain a deep understanding of the communities in and around the resource. Knowing that any opportunity brings change, it’s imperative to assess how will it be received. Opportunities and threats? Our job is to think about both big-and-long-term. Our vision needs to build, nurture, and maintain trust for the life of the project. We behave as guests, meet continuously with all stakeholders, ask questions, and truly listen to and act on the answers.


Projects we are involved in are committed to navigating challenges in the best interests of the local community, or we won’t be involved. We think the best projects incorporate the local community not only in the planning but in its long-term workforce and ultimately in the project’s leadership. This commitment gets wired deep into the project through all the agreements, all the handshakes, and all the permissions. Gaining trust is much easier than maintaining it. That is why we memorialize understandings in the form of Participation Agreements and licenses.


This approach requires a deep, long-term commitment from investors and an intent to gain more than just a profit from the project. It is an opportunity to invest to do good. Projects can quickly lose their way when investors lose sight of the bigger picture. Happily, the world today is creating platforms for investment that go beyond the old-boys-clubs of the past. Connections are a click away and available to anyone who cares about the relationship between a market for a natural resource and the community that produces it.


Transparent communications are the key to all of the above. Every communication must be clear, concise and interactive. All those involved needs to add their voice to the unfolding story as the project takes shape. Misunderstandings and lack of information will kill trust quickly, so making adjustments is a necessary part of the process. To stay ahead of it, the Q4 team builds websites and intranets, facilitates town-hall meetings and information fairs, designs brochures and display boards, writes articles, press releases, and newsletters create social media campaigns and relevant content that can be pushed out on every appropriate channel.

If you are interested in natural resource investment while connecting communities with opportunities, we can help, contact us today. Your reach is our purpose.