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Leadership in times of crisis

Leadership In Times of Crisis: Look Back, Is Your Team Behind You?

Leadership in times of crisis is not about charging ahead, but about slowing down and looking back. As leaders, it’s our job to keep eyes on the rear-view mirror. Today, in the midst of coronavirus lockdown, ensuring that your team will follow you is more important than ever. I wrote a good portion of this… View Article

Q4 Impact Group blog about company culture evolution photo of multiple road signs illustrating idea of paying attention to the signs it's time to evolve.

Is Your Company Culture Evolving?

Workplace Culture and the Signs of Change At the beginning of my career, more than thirty years ago, it was enough to describe a business in terms of the quality of products produced and services rendered and there was no talk of company culture. Command and control management ruled the board room (and everywhere else… View Article

Q4 impact group blog post photo of sign that says Reduce Speed 0 kmph to illustrate clear messaging for resource development.

6 Keys to Resource Development in 2020

Our society needs natural resources; crushed stone, industrial sand, minerals, and metals. While new markets and opportunities are in demand everywhere, there are also new challenges and more responsibilities to the communities where that mining takes place. Q4 navigates this changing landscape while learning constantly.  In 2020, the Q4 team will lead efforts to explore,… View Article

How Deep Is Your Digital Footprint?

When you’re walking on the beach, do you ever see how many footsteps you can get in before the water washes them away? I often wonder how many footsteps we’d be able to see if the tide never rose and the footprints were stuck in the sand forever. What if we were able to see… View Article


6 Tips To Empower Safety Leaders

I hate working from ladders – especially when I’m working from a ladder under pressure. Put me on a ladder to leisurely clean gutters? Cool. Put me on a ladder in an underground coal mine working with a fast-paced production crew? Not so much. As I attempted to set a guide point into the roof… View Article

Oil Field Blog

Is Fracking Good or Bad?

In 2001, a business associate asked me if I thought fracking was a good thing or a bad thing. I responded by asking him if he was in favor of U.S. independence from foreign oil. He said, “Well, it depends.” I asked, “On what?” He replied, “On whether it’s a good thing or a bad… View Article

Boots Web

Four Keys to Shifting Safety Culture

Twenty years ago, I was a supervisor responsible for production and safety at an aggregates operation, with a clear and simple corporate goal to be the low-cost supplier. We took our marching orders, ran the processing plant hard, and kept our costs low. Safety was on our radar, but it wasn’t in our soul. We… View Article

3 Easy SEO Tips to Increase Search Ranking

Managing your website SEO can be overwhelming if you don’t have a digital marketing team like Q4 to handle the minutiae, but if you’re running a B2B company, optimizing your website is imperative.  Here are a few easy things you can do yourself that will make a big difference in your search engine rankings and… View Article

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Want More Traffic? Do These 3 Things

You’re a heavy equipment manufacturer that sells directly to end users and dealers. You have a slick B2B website and social media accounts, but no internal marketing team with the know-how or time needed to manage the many details of digital marketing. You have some traffic, but most visitors bounce away within seconds, and you have… View Article

Blog Frac Sand

What Do Canadian Frac Sand Producers Know That West Texas Producers Don’t?

I recently returned from a trip to Calgary, Alberta where I traveled to accomplish two objectives. First, I attended the Canadian Frac Sand Conference on September 11 and 12 with the goal of returning with more useful information than I’ve taken away from the few conferences I’ve attended in the US. Second, I needed to… View Article

Blog Due Diligence

Due Diligence Checklist – 7 Things You Don’t Want to Miss

I’ve lead or participated in many acquisition due diligence investigations over the years. The process can be laborious at times but, also sometimes fascinating. Each project is unique and generally interesting but, when the company being acquired is privately held, the process can include some cool twists and turns. Since these companies have less restrictive… View Article

Community Relations

Are Your Community Relations Healthy?

Personal relationships need to be nurtured. They change all the time. And the relationships with the neighbors and your community relations around your operation and the influencers in the community are no different. Often, our operations fall into the trap of thinking that if we don’t hear anything, if no one is complaining, we’re all… View Article

Blog Social

Must-Follow Heavy Industries Instagram Accounts

Let me tell you how tickled I am to see the way Instagram has become such a fantastic channel for the heavy industries! It’s no surprise that combining the visual interest of Earth’s natural resources with human endeavor can result in such memorable content. It’s a no-brainer to use that content to promote your products… View Article

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Five Ways Blogging Boosts the Heavy Industries

Do you know that blogging is one of the most cost-effective ways for the heavy industries to give their B2B marketing a major boost? You might think blogs are the purview of mommies, homeschoolers, vegans, and video game gurus. Or that writing for an unknown audience is a waste of everyone’s universal precious commodity: time. Maybe you… View Article

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4 Key Benefits of Developing a Marketing Plan

Let me ask you – do you think of marketing as a magical thing that happens behind the scenes in someone else’s wheelhouse? Does the idea of content management, social media, blogging, and email newsletters give you an instant migraine? Does your company have a marketing plan to guide all the promotional channels? Most companies… View Article

Blog Con Expo

CONEXPO – CON/AGG 2017 – The Marketing Experience

Well, just like that, North America’s largest construction trade show, CONEXPO – CON/AGG 2017 has come and gone. Over 130,000 attendees invaded Las Vegas to visit 2400 exhibitors at the 5-day show. Exhibitors and their marketing teams can finally take a moment to reflect after months of planning. The long days and nights and countless hours… View Article

Blog Leaders

How To Develop Front Line Leaders

In my 30 years in this industry, I’ve honed in on one essential truth about my job: I am here to help you do yours. When I hire for front line positions I, of course, look for individuals with the requisite skills. I also seek those who show potential to be long-term leaders. What I look for are… View Article

How An Entrepreneur Manages the Hive

Honey bees are amazing creatures and caring for them takes the same skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. I just peeked in on my hives today. A warm front blew through yesterday bringing temperatures of nearly 60 degrees – tomorrow back to freezing. Today is the weather window beekeepers look for in the early spring…. View Article

Blog Teams

3 Ways Teams Make Your Company Stronger

In today’s rapidly changing workforce it’s critical to develop teams to bridge the age gap and to harness all available talent and passion for every project. There are many reasons to work in teams instead of silos, but these are the three most important: 1. One of the biggest challenges heavy industry faces is transferring… View Article