Case Studies

Underground Limestone Mining

A limestone quarry operator was nearing depletion of its surface reserves. The long-term market demand was strong, all surrounding real estate was occupied by residential and commercial development, and a high-quality limestone resource lay 200 feet beneath the ultimate quarry floor.

The company hired Bob Archibald and John Head to assist in designing an underground mine to access the deeper resource. All engineering, construction, and development was conducted under their guidance. In addition, a plan was devised to backfill the surface quarry for sale and lease to commercial developers.

Due Diligence & Valuation

A global, energy-based company was interested in acquiring a multi-site frac sand company to reduce their material supply cost.

The company hired Bob Archibald, Q4 Impact Group’s CEO, to manage the due diligence process and provide operational direction for the new enterprise. Bob’s frac sand expertise then helped guide the management team through the acquisition and integration process. The project included analysis and guidance regarding mining, processing, rail distribution, and logistics.

Safety Leadership

After years of operating with a “get er’ done” approach, the company’s management team wanted to make a meaningful commitment to safety. They had focused on compliance and had addressed conditions, but they knew they had to change behaviors and refocus efforts on building a safety culture.

The Q4 Impact team began at once to dig in. With a fundamental understanding of the existing culture and the company president’s vision, Q4 Impact created a customized training program to address shifting the safety culture throughout the organization. The Q4 team facilitated discussions that allowed participants to determine what behavior-based safety leadership looks like at their company in the future, roadblocks to their success, and strategies to create a solid safety structure throughout the company. Q4 Impact Group instructors gained the trust and respect of the participants by sharing personal experiences with shifting safety cultures in the aggregates industry and underground mining environments while teaching key concepts around communication and management commitment. We are very proud to be a part of this ongoing effort.

Community Relations

A producer needed to permit and rezone 350 acres to expand an existing sand and gravel operation located in the heart of a residential community and bordering an elementary school.

This is where the staff of Q4 really shines. Not only do we understand the daily challenges of operating a large sand and gravel pit, we know how to build trust and take the responsibility very seriously. Unfortunately in this situation, a competitor had recently created a crisis in the community which painted all mining activities in a very negative light. So, before we even got started, we were in a public relations hole. Over the next 12 months we got out of it. Beginning by getting to know the community—neighbor by neighbor—we learned of their priorities and their hopes for the future of the neighborhood. We worked with our client to come up with changes to the operation and workable compromises to their expansion plan. For example, we moved an entrance into the operation, developed a community park on reclaimed land, and worked closely with the school and neighbors. In the end we created a level of trust that enabled the expansion to be permitted with no opposition. Yep, you read right, no opposition at the local and county level. And get this, the operation is located in California.