Do you know that blogging is one of the most cost-effective ways for the heavy industries to give their B2B marketing a major boost? You might think blogs are the purview of mommies, homeschoolers, vegans, and video game gurus. Or that writing for an unknown audience is a waste of everyone’s universal precious commodity: time.

Maybe you think it makes more sense to focus your marketing budget on traditional advertising channels. That your mining, construction materials, or equipment company can’t possibly benefit from B2B blogging.

But, in today’s fast-paced, mobile-based marketing arena, blogging and social media are the easiestway to organically grow your audience and customer base.

Here are five indisputable benefits to blogging heavy industries:


Blogging is the vehicle that lets you supercharge your marketing SEO to drive potential customers to your products and services. And as a bonus, this happens in the background while you deliver valuable content that your readers can use.


A blog gives you a platform to share product and service information and showcase team members. You can also use it to pass along industry trends, analysis, and relevant news. When you share your expertise through blogging, you open the door to becoming a thought leader in your industry. Why does this matter? Because people like to buy from leaders.


Also, an active, well-thought-out blog filled with engaging, useful content gives your company a human voice and personality. Why not invite several key players blog about their areas of expertise so the audience connects with multiple voices? At Q4 we all contribute to the company blog with our own unique voiceexperience, and expertise. Because we each have a story to tell, our stories become the lens through which you can view our business. And you can use what we share to improve your own.

Digital Content:

The content you create becomes the brain center for your entire marketing effort. Thus, you can repurpose material to post on your other channels like LinkedinFacebook, Twitter, email newsletters, and more. So, the deeper your content library, the more you can draw on for future posts. Many topics lend themselves to a serialized posting schedule and let you utilize SEO critical inbound links in an organic way to point readers deeper into your archives. Just like I did when I told you about voice above.


Blogging nurtures two-way relationships with customers. People can interact with your products or services and with the person behind them. Then, you can use analytic tools to learn more about who visits your blog. Perhaps those readers aren’t customers yet, but understanding site use patterns helps you craft future content in a way that leads readers down a path to becoming loyal customers.

But, these are just a few of the many reasons your company should consider blogging. If you’re not sure how to begin, we’re here to help you figure it out. From content marketing strategy to social media setup and management, and ghostwriting blog posts, we can help you map out your blogging and/or your entire digital content and social campaign.

Maybe you’re wondering how the heck ghostwriting works. It’s painless, I promise! Typically, we’ll have a friendly conversation, I’ll ask you a series of questions, you’ll provide me with answers and product or service information resources. Then, I’ll write an SEO ready post that you’ll attach your name to with pride. I’d love to talk with you about it!