It’s what defines Q4 as a company because we want to be:


2020 has not been for the faint of heart. If you’re still in business, any business, then you understand. But it has also been a time of self-reflection – a time to re-evaluate your values and your mission as a company. And that’s exactly what we did. Here at Q4, we decided to look inward, Big Time. Who are we? In the past eight months, we have had challenges and have endured deep change, but we have also produced our best work to date and have become closer as co-workers and friends. So, we are Grateful for what we have as a company and for our clients. We are Real because tough times demand authenticity. We are Inspired because we still love what we do, and yes, we are good at it. And we are Tenacious because, like you, we understand that is what success demands, and perhaps we are better for it.

At Q4, we have GRIT.