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The Birds and The Bees Have you had the talk?

In the last 50 years, we’ve lost one-third of the songbirds in North America. Bees and other important pollinators
(beetles, moths, butterflies, hummingbirds, & bats) also face serious challenges. Habitat loss is the biggest threat,
and we can make a huge impact with our pledge to dedicate land for habitat today.

Bottom line? The birds and the bees need our help, so let’s work together to create a buzzzz! These simple actions can make a huge difference:

  • Create diversified plantings
  • Plant trees and thickets to provide cover, food, and nesting area
  • Leave areas undisturbed during nesting season
  • Provide access to water
  • Avoid pesticides
  • Buy shade-grown coffee to support songbird winter homes

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day help us build awareness
Be a Habitat Hero and sign up to add your habitat commitment to the map we are creating.

On Earth Day 2020 three of our Habitat Heroes will be selected to receive
5 pounds of Shade Grown Coffee each!

  • (please choose the one that best represents your habitat commitment)
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