Must-Follow Heavy Industries Instagram Accounts

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Let me tell you how tickled I am to see the way Instagram has become such a fantastic channel for the heavy industries! It’s no surprise that combining the visual interest of Earth’s natural resources with human endeavor can result in such memorable content.

It’s a no-brainer to use that content to promote your products and services and to connect with colleagues and customers. Instagram is a channel that lends itself perfectly to collaboration and thematic content, allowing you to build a visual story that gets to the heart of your business.

Following other interesting, related accounts adds another interactive layer of content to your own. Use the Repost app to easily share others’ content to your own account and be sure to drop hearts and comment to generate organic reach.

Here are a few of our favorite heavy industries Instagram follows here at Q4:

  1. igers_underground – a collection of underground mine photos that reinforces what my underground mining engineer friends have told me: seeing this never gets old.
  2. miningfan – for the non-profit org Minerals Make Life, sharing info about domestic mining and its importance to the economy, national security, and hi-tech. Our modern life depends on mining.
  3. team_tunnel_vision – a photography community highlighting photos that have tunnel vision. Tag yours #teamtunnelvision! It’s not all mining, but it’s visually inspiring.
  4. weldaholics – a community for welders showcasing the art in the craft. Give them a shout out – April is National Welder’s Month! We are thankful every day for the non desk workers of the world.
  5. heavy_equipment_fails – oops. Been there, done that. This showcase of fails is a good reminder to us all to roll with life’s many challenges. And that safety matters.

Not sure how you might take advantage of the rapid growth and exposure possibilities for your company on Instagram? Contact us!  We’d love to help you figure out how to tell your visual story. We can also show you ways to interact with others on this vast playing field.