Welcoming Diversity and Inclusion

Over the last four years our company has conducted seminars and given presentations on this topic all over North America. In the past year, COVID-19, economic hardship and racial discrimination has headlined in the news and drives home the need for all of us to be more aware, more sensitive, more pragmatic and more accepting.

Consequently, at Q4, we are taking a fresh approach to the subject of creating a diverse, multi-generational workforce. Instead of simply using big buckets like Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, etc. to describe complex subjects, we believe it is important to talk about change management and what it takes to create a great corporate culture. Cultivating a corporate culture that is welcoming to women, young people, and those of other cultures is very achievable, but it takes communication skills building, empathy and values-based leadership. We believe that by developing a Mission (why the company exists), Vision (specific objectives or targets) and Values (leadership behaviors), a company can drive change and create a welcoming and attractive culture.

More specifically, we believe in looking deeper at how relationships between employees, and relationships between management and the workforce, can be improved by slowing down and taking a more meaningful approach to developing relationships, empathy and understanding. In this impersonal world that appears to be moving faster than ever, and demanding change RIGHT NOW, the real answer may start with taking a step back and investing our time into the people we work with on a personal level.

In February we were honored to conduct a full-day virtual workshop on this important topic for the Ontario Road Builders Association. We appreciated the dialog and conversations around creating a more welcoming corporate culture. Thank you to all those who participated and are working to make their company cultures thrive.