Our Team & Our Values

We’re a Multi-Generational Team With One Goal: Provide Extraordinary Work and Over The Top Services for Our Clients

Q4 Impact Group | Ami Gignac - Chief Operating Officer

Ami Gignac

Executive Vice President

Ami began her career as a front-line shift supervisor at one of the largest limestone quarries in Ohio. She holds a BS in Mining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and spent the past 15 years leading, managing, developing, and inspiring multi-generational employees. Ami provides the unique dual perspective of on the ground and behind a desk leadership with a large corporation, privately owned companies, and small businesses. Don’t be fooled by her uncanny ability to make you laugh (she’s a self-certified hog doula who has single-handedly castrated more than 100 piglets, with no regret.) That sharp wit goes together with a razor-sharp ability to hone in on client and team member wants and needs, and she draws on her vast industry knowledge to offer the most effective solutions to any problem that arises. No pressure, Ami!

Q4 Impact Group | Bob Archibald - Chief Executive Officer

Bob Archibald


Bob is experienced in all operations, engineering and management aspects of the construction materials industries including mine design and engineering, P&L management, process plant design and optimization, capital budgeting, and risk management. Rightly proud of his status as the eighth mining engineer in his family over three generations, Bob holds a BS in Mining Engineering from Montana Tech and an MBA from Oklahoma City University. He loves pecan pie but hates to be sticky, and his nearly 40 years of experience in 13 countries across four continents makes Bob an internationally recognized expert in the production, sale, and transportation of construction materials and industrial minerals. Bob loves to share what he knows about this business, and if you’re hungry – and lucky – he’ll even share his pie.

Brent Ransom

Brent Ransom

Senior Web Developer

Brent brings more than a decade of web design and development experience to the Q4 web tools arsenal. With Advanced Web Master, Visual Basic, and Web Graphics Certifications and a degree in Applied Science of Web Design and Development from Stark State College of Technology, he’s also a WordPress expert and a masterful problem-solver. We often hear clients say this might be too difficult to build when they give us their wish list for their dream website. We lean on Brent and he leans on the Eliud Kipchoge quote that says “Passion is a choice. You need to choose to be great. It’s not a chance, it’s a choice.” So, he goes back to his desk and builds it.

Q4 Impact Group | Bronwyn Weaver - Chief Strategy Officer

Bronwyn Weaver

President/ Vision & Strategy

Bronwyn’s creative arsenal is stocked with skills collected over a wide range of industry experience, beginning as Managing Editor of Pit & Quarry Magazine (LINK), and co-founder (with husband Bob Archibald) of Aggregates Manager Magazine (LINK). Her consulting work includes community relations activities that helped build public acceptance for mining, and Bronwyn is also an MBTI Certified Trainer and a communications strategist with a BA in Geology and Communications from Case Western Reserve University. She’s our client relationship point person who works with you to set your project vision and helps determine the best ways to measure its success. If she’s not at her desk or on a job site (she usually is) you can find her on her front porch listening to Van Morrison, watching her industrious honeybees, and mapping out the next big project.

Chris Silvey

Chris Silvey

Digital Architect

Chris views our digital projects with a sharp focus through multiple lenses in order to help us create interactive tools for our clients and for our own brand. He holds a BA in Graphic Design and Multimedia from Westwood College, and his design sense, web building, videography, and editing skills allow us to seamlessly weave together elements from outside sources and also produce our own. We love Chris’ client-side manner because he embodies the guiding principle of Dr. Seuss to “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


Eli Woodhall


Eli holds a B.A. in Visual Media Production from Emerson College and has a decade of post-production, editing and cinematography experience in projects ranging from commercials to feature films in Los Angeles. He’s a perfectionist who feeds his creativity by playing guitar and channeling Hunter S. Thompson. Our customers are in great hands with Eli who understands their unique space because he grew up in a sand and gravel family and worked as an operating engineer until he moved to the west coast to make that film magic. Now he’s back home in Ohio helping us deliver sharp, smart video products to our clients – from case studies, to testimonials, tribal knowledge interviews, and site-specific training videos – and he’s excited to make his dream of owning a canoe come true.

Heather Wilt

Managing Director of Marketing & Client Strategy

Heather holds a BA in Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh and is completing her MBA at Saint Francis University and sharpened her B2B acumen as Director of Marketing for heavy equipment manufacturers Curry Supply Company and McLanahan Corporation. She joins Q4 as yet another passionate foodie (who loves crab legs) with the life motto YOLO (we’re a risk-taking, envelope-pushing bunch.)Heather understands what our customers need most to strengthen their brand, build sales, and see the quantifiable return of their investment because she’s worn those same shoes, and they fit well.

Jason Sausaman - Visual Design Director | Q4 Impact Group

Jason Sausaman

Visual Design Director

Jason has solid agency and corporate creative marketing experience in his toolbox for fine-tuning the Q4 brand and pinpointing the best ways to tell our clients’ stories through visual communication. He began his career as a graphic designer for Malone Advertising, then more recently moved up through the ranks at The Step2 Company where he was Art Director and then Creative Manager. He holds a BA in Visual Communication Design and Advertising from Kent State University. Jason is an enthusiastic team player who understands that there’s much more to every one of us than meets the eye. He finds inspiration in Carl Sagan’s writings about how small we are in the history of the universe, and how very little we know. He has a keen eye for what makes the most meaningful impact and hopes to one day carry that vision with him on a flight into space where he’ll get the true Little Blue Dot perspective we could all use.

Jason Stutz

Jason Stutz

Web Developer

Jason ensures we build the most stable homes for our creative projects to inhabit on the web. He holds a BS in Web Development from Franklin University, and his understanding of concept, navigation, and development make him an awesome member of our creative team. Jason has an extensive knowledge of web technologies and continues to add to his repertoire with emerging programs, so he’s always carrying a full toolbox and able to find exactly the right one for the job. He’s a whip-smart de-bugger who won’t stop until he has a solution to the problem. We’re thrilled that he decided to leave his EMT/Firefighter training to study web development, and we suspect he puts out more fires every day in this line of work than he ever would in a month wearing the uniform.

John Head - Partner | Q4 Impact Group

John Head


John has more than four decades of experience in the mining industry, with specific expertise in underground and surface mine planning, ore reserve/resource analysis, and mine safety and health issues, including litigation support and compliance audits. He holds a BS in Mining Engineering from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, University of London and received his MBA from Cranfield University, and previously served as President of Behre, Dolbear & Company Inc., a global mining consulting services company. John is an internationally recognized expert in mine safety and health and has been instrumental in drafting and implementing corporate safety policies and managing mine safety programs.


Julia Sharrock


Julia is a Designlab certified UI/UX Designer with a deep passion for how visual design and functionality work together to create the best possible digital experience. She captures the essence of our clients’ brands and articulates the journey they want their customers to take when visiting their website and plays a crucial role on our web development team. She’s a romance novel addict who can’t get enough Mexican cuisine, and her love of all things food in Ohio is fast becoming a local attraction on her beautifully curated Instagram page @explore_ohiofood. What we’re saying is no matter how you cut it, Julia serves up tasty visuals.

Katie Woodhall

Managing Director of Operations / Workforce Development

Katie joins Q4 with a unique combination of soft and technical expertise. She holds a BA in Art History from Kent State University and a BA in Organizational Development and Leadership from Walsh University and has spent her entire working life in operations, safety, and regulatory compliance at her family’s 4th generation business in sand and gravel mining and heavy highway construction and paving. What better place to overcome one’s deep and completely rational fear of snakes and roosters than in a family business? (Don’t judge, she was chased by both at the same time.) Katie also fine-tuned her workforce development skills in management roles at Starbucks Coffee Company, and she gets what makes the non-desk workers – the ones with boots on the ground who make the world go round – tick.

Kelly Hambly - Director of Digital Content | Q4 Impact Group

Kelly Hambly

Managing Director of Content

Kelly has a diverse background in communications, beginning her career in New York as a graphic designer at magazines including Working Woman, Working Mother, Family Circle, and Time. When she relocated to Ohio, she shifted into copywriting for international manufacturers like Little Tikes, Hoover, and Step2, as well as for numerous local non-profits, crafting content for websites, blogs, social media, e-newsletters, packaging, catalogs, and more. She’s also worked as a farmers’ market manager, an organic farmer, and a pastry chef, and helped build an elementary school garden program. With an open mind and positive attitude, Kelly will listen, learn, and dig deep to help you communicate a clear and professional message to your community and customers. Get her talking about her years in NYC, and she’ll tell you about the time she helped a grateful Katherine Hepburn to her feet after she stumbled on the sidewalk.

Maggie Archibald - Accounts Manager | Q4 Impact Group

Maggie Archibald

Finance Manager

Maggie keeps the many layers of finance in order internally and across all client accounts. She holds a BA in Business Economics and Communication from The College of Wooster and helps us all stay organized and focused on a path of sustainability. Growing up in a mining family that also ran a certified organic farm reinforced her bred-in-the-bone motto of “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” She makes sure our operation never sinks, but she’s also a certified SCUBA dive instructor, so we know that if we get underwater she can pull us up before we ever reach the bottom.

Matt Roskie - Chief Marketing Officer | Q4 Impact Group

Matt Roskie

Managing Director of Marketing & Client Growth

Matt has two decades of marketing and advertising experience, successfully selling B2B brands locally, nationally and internationally. With his marketing and communications expertise, he oversees the planning, development, and execution of an organization’s marketing and advertising initiatives as well as new business development. He will also be partnering with Q4’s clients lending strategic marketing guidance. Matt is a graduate of Albright College with a BA in Business Administration, Marketing and Communications. He seeks out upbeat and open-minded people, and that feeds his insatiable appetite for creative problem-solving. He also really loves food, and the sign on his office door reads Please Feed the Wildlife.

Q4 Impact Group | Rob Vogel - Partner

Rob Vogel


Rob has more than thirty years of experience in corporate general management, operating strategies, finance, and new venture development. He holds a BS in Mining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, and concentration in Finance and Operations Management at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He started on the front line and climbed through organizations to hold several executive level positions including President of a Division of Vulcan Materials Company, an S&P 500 firm. In that role, Rob had full P&L and capital improvement responsibility for more than twelve years. He went on to start three of his own companies, including Q4. His spirit of adventure has led him into the Himalayas, and his passion for making things work with excellence drove him to build a car that reaches 60MPH in second gear. He’s a sought-after team developer with a focus on mentoring individuals on the leadership path.

Rustin Hamilton

Rustin Hamilton

Film Producer

Rustin’s wide range of experience stems from a passion for storytelling that has led him on a path through radio, television, and advertising. He holds a BA in Journalism from Kansas State University and has brought many stories into focus with film production for heavy industry and agriculture as well as HIV foundations and other medical organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti. Clients who think they might be asking for something too far out of the box can rest assured that his motto when it comes to film and video production is "I don't do weddings and I don't do porn. Everything else is on the table." Bring us your wildest ideas, Rustin will help us make them a reality.

Our Core Values Define Who We Are and Guide Our Decision Making. While Q4 Impact Group continues to grow and evolve our core values remain constant. We are committed to these guiding principles for our team and professional relationships:

  • QualityWe have one goal. Exceed expectation every time.
  • CollaborationSolving the most difficult challenges with the very best people.
  • PassionWe do what we love and we love what we do – a lot!
  • FlexibilityStriving to find new ways to solve challenges and embrace change.
  • InsightWhere you are today ... one of us has been there.
  • IntegrityDo the right thing the right way.