In times like these, it is important to take stock. “Take stock”—who even says that anymore? My dad did. Not in a judgement kind of way, but in a life-is-short-make-the-most-of-it way. And I’ve been thinking a lot about him this week. He grew up during the hard, uncertain times of the Great Depression. His stories are keeping me grounded as I try to wrap my head around the news of today. I remember how sacrifice and compassion were the heroes of his stories. Like when my grandmother would put the sign above her back door to signal a free meal to anyone who needed it. And living near the railroad tracks, frequently someone did.

If here today, my dad would say it’s important to take stock in times like these. Maybe, as a result, we would find this pandemic’s silver lining in a new path to our best selves and living a life that nurtures our best version. Like the part of us that would safely check in on an elderly neighbor. Or drop off a cleaned-up, well-loved board game to a family down the street.

Our company also had to take stock. We are working hard to be more streamlined, more direct, more efficient, bringing more value to our clients to fit better in this new world. Change is happening faster than ever and, through these changes, companies like ours will emerge more focused and better for it.

Our team stepped back to recalibrate our values and find a new alignment during these unprecedented times. These four values will be guiding our culture going forward:

Appreciation: we need to appreciate and respect each other

Composure: we need to be calm and lean in to help

Fortitude: we need to be understanding and patient in times of stress

Perseverance: we need to cheerfully manage change

Communications are key. Our team is having daily video calls to make sure we stay connected with each other and keep our clients’ success as our focus, through this crisis.

I would love to hear your stories of how you are seeing people take stock and be their best selves.