Asset Management

We step in to manage all aspects of your company’s operation.

As a natural extension of our advisory consulting services, we are also adept at diving in to handle the boots-on-the-ground, daily business of running a mining and minerals operation. Whether you’re working on a Greenfield project, are transitioning or purchasing an existing company, or need help with daily operations during an expansion, our team of industry experts is ready to make it a smooth process. From marketing, branding, legal and regulatory strategy to recruiting, hiring and training, we know the landscape and can help you navigate. We also provide leadership training, health and safety training, and plant management and optimization.


We know the importance of getting it right—the right site, the right permitting, the right positioning. Let us help you navigate.


Change is always a challenge. We bring 30 years of experiences to help guide your company through.


The Q4 team knows operations from all sides. Our professional experience is here to support your operations.

Success Stories

Underground Limestone Mining

A limestone quarry operator was nearing depletion of its surface reserves. The long-term market demand was strong, all surrounding real estate was occupied by residential and commercial development, and a high quality limestone resource lay 200 feet beneath the ultimate quarry floor.