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When you don’t hear anything, does that mean everything is just fine?

Sure you could assume the best and try to fly under the radar – what could possibly go wrong? Pretty much anything and everything. Better to get out ahead of it and build relationships in your community that strengthen your business while creating a foundation of goodwill for those times that things don't go as perfectly planned.

How we do it

Listen to Learn. Build Trust.

We’ve seen it all—truly. Your project can sure be a big freakin’ deal on a slow news day—misunderstood and crazy out of proportion. We know you’re not crushing kittens for profit, but that doesn’t stop the rumor mill. In fact, because we understand operations and mining, we can help explain the most complicated scenarios in ways that will help people see your value and better understand what you bring to the community.

What It Is

Audits to Know Where You Stand

It’s a daunting task to try to find out what the neighbors are saying, especially when the bottom line is your main responsibility. We can do that deep dive and provide you with a list of issues you need to address.

Crisis Management & Avoidance

Getting out in front of issues helps ensure they can be resolved long before they become a crisis – and developing a pattern of handling things at the moment builds trust in the community.

Smiles from Neighbors

It’s a shorter path than you ever imagined to go from the cold shoulder and irate phone calls to neighbors waving at your haul truck drivers as they pass.

Meetings that Matter

Nobody likes meetings, but especially ones where people don’t feel they are allowed to voice their concerns. Our sweet spot is positive community meeting facilitation.

Telling Your Story

Let’s empower you and your employees by helping you understand your brand story and providing media training so you know where, when, and how to tell it.

Our Deliverables

Facilitated Public Meetings

Advocacy Campaigns

Open House Planning & Management

Media Training


Charette Protocol Management

Participation Agreement Facilitation

Community Audits

School Programs

Fundraiser Events

Crisis Management

Spokesperson Support

Community Relations Training

Email Newsletters

Press Releases

Q4 Brain

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