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Even when the need for strategy is breathing down your neck,
don’t let management transition get you down.

There are not enough hours in the day and your best guys are retiring all at once. Hindsight sure bites you in the ass with regrets over succession planning and what to do when tribal knowledge and lifelong career experience walk out the door to retire. Our whole industry is in the same boat. You need an experienced team to help navigate the journey and get everyone rowing in the same direction towards profitability.

How we do it

Identify Threats. Overcome Challenges. Grow Strengths.

Sounds crazy but our diverse, multi-generational team has more years of experience in mining and related industries than Ohio has been a state! We love to help guide the process, smooth ruffled feathers and inspire people to own their strengths and hone their leadership skills. Don’t worry, we stop short of getting everyone to sing kumbaya. Our secret sauce is that we all understand that all the feel-good has to happen while reaching critical KPIs in the ever-changing landscape that is your business.

What It Is

Best Fit KPI's

KPIs are seldom one-size-fits-all, but our deep dive into your current state, history, and goals helps us tailor recommendations for a path that makes sense for you.

Unmatched Underground Experience

With more than 100 years of combined underground experience, we can plug right into your team to optimize your existing operation or help lead you underground.

Rock Quarries & Surface Mines

From throughput to plant components, workforce and safety, we can help you dial in your operation and increase your profits.

Operational Efficiencies

The devil is in the details and sometimes it’s impossible to even see what those details are because you’re so busy trying to keep it all moving forward. We can map it all out for you so you can focus on the actions.

Leadership Mentoring

One of our favorite ways to assist your business is to partner with your leaders to help them develop the skills that take them to the next level.

Safety Leadership

To maintain and grow an effective safety culture requires the right people in the right positions. Those people will have a bigger, more positive impact if they’re modeling the right behaviors.

Our Deliverables

Temporary Senior Management

Capital Project Management

Succession Planning

Due Diligence Management

Organizational Structure Efficiency

Property/Asset Management

Strategy Development

Investment Assistance

Acquisitions & Divestitures

M&A Assistance

Strategic Planning

Operational Analysis

Q4 Brain

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